Facilities and Services

Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps

Camp Facilities

Our camp offers 5 canvas tents on platforms, furnished with 2 beds each and with a nice view to the Mkuru landscape from the small balcony in front of the tents

Additionally, our 2 dormitories can each accommodate 18 people in double decker beds, alternatively you are welcome to stay at our campground with your own tent and equipment.

For trainings or conferences we also have a training room available that can fit around 25 people.

Embedded in the natural vegetation, a comfortable, open dining and sitting hall is the spot where guests can meet for the meals, relax while drinking a cup of tea or coffee, read and chat or play games. The fireplace is the meeting point at night to enjoy the astonishing sky and the deep silence of the savannah.

Experience the beauty of a simple life in the bush, in a low impact camp equipped with solar panels and heaters, home garden, energy efficient stoves and a rain harvesting system.

  • Business Center
  • Barbeque Facilities
  • Camping Area
  • Gift Shop
  • Lounge Area
  • Playground
  • Restaurant
  • Information Center
  • Training Rooms
  • Maasai Shop

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