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About Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps

When you come to Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps, you don’t only stay at the camp. You stay within the Mkuru community, which our camp is strongly connected with– through our staff and camp manager, but also through a historical bond, and common engagement and commitment to sustainable development.

So, when you come to our camp, you directly contribute to the wellbeing of Mkuru communities and, in return, you are warmly welcomed to explore, discover and experience Mkuru, to connect with its people and to just feel at home.

We appreciate the privilege to provide an ecosystem for you to enjoy your stay at Mkuru village to the fullest, that may mean different things for different people: It can be to take some time off and embrace the quietness off the hustling and bustling which is characteristic of towns; it can also be to stroll through the surrounding nature; it can be to engage in crafty or artistic activities.

We invite you to unplug and re-connect with nature, to widen your horizon and get a unique insight to the Maasai culture by casually connecting with people from the Mkuru community in a familiar atmosphere.

Please spend time to browse through our catalogue to capture an experience of your choice, and feel free to reach out to our staff for any ideas you wish to be incorporated to enhance your experience or leisure. 

Please give us your perspectives in the form of feedback so we can improve the program for the benefit of visitors and Mkuru community. 

Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps Management Team.

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