An Eco-Tented Home for the promotion of good practices in natural resources management.

About Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps

When you come to Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps, you don’t only stay at the camp. You stay within the Mkuru community, which our camp is strongly connected with– through our staff and camp manager, but also through a historical bond, and common engagement and commitment to sustainable development.

So, when you come to our camp, you directly contribute to the wellbeing of Mkuru communities and, in return, you are warmly welcomed to explore, discover and experience Mkuru, to connect with its people and to just feel at home.


Our Accommodation

We offer a wide variety of accommodation from Eco-Tents and Makuti Houses to Domitories and Camping Site.

Eco Tents

We have five [5] canvas tents on platform, furnished with two beds each A simple clothes rack and a night table will help you keep your belongings in order. In addition, a pair of safari…

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Makuti House

There is also a Makuti room [house] built by using local materials. Like the tents, the Makuti room is furnished with two beds, a simple clothes rack and a night table.ACCOMMODATION PRICING…

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Accommodation facilities also include two dormitories which is furnished with double decker beds to accommodate 18 people each. This is a budget accommodation for volunteers, support staff…

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Public camping site in natural setting large enough to accommodate hundreds of campers. The campers use the adjacent camp facilities like toilets when camping.ACCOMMODATION PRICING PER…

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Our Programs & Activities

At Mukuru Eco-Tented Camps, we provide you with a wide choice to engage in activities you may prefer, short walks or more demanding hikes...

Community: Medicinal Tooth Brushes

Learn to identify plants from which local people use as tooth brushes that contain natural chemicals that enhance functioning of gums. This is part of the bush activity

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Recreation: Trekking

Consider trekking in the plains, hills or dense forests near the camp, hills or in dense forests

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Knowledge / Skills: Plant Identification

You have an opportunity to identify plants in the area in order to reveal the fascinating stories behind plants. Plants will be more fascinating and useful to the community as our knowledge…

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Recreation: Cycling

Our camp is located near the road along which cyclists like to use for their events. They stop over or sleep at the camp during the events

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Tiny Wildlife Bingo

Our camp surroundings provide homes for reptiles, birds and insects to co-exist in various ways such as sunbathing and nest build in same locations.You can name the reptiles, birds or…

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Knowledge / Skills: Cooking

“Cooking is not just about ingredients and recipes. It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment and creativity” - Guy FieriConsider an activity to participate in cooking local…

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