Giampiero, filmmaker, Milan, Italy

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Giampiero, filmmaker, Milan, Italy

As a filmmaker I have been several times to Mkuru, never having any problem in charging batteries for my equipment with the locally provided solar panels.

I felt so comfortable and welcomed at the camp that I decided to go back as a visitor with friends several times.

The place is very relaxant and vibrant at the same time. No matter if it is the rainy or dry season, I always find plenty inspiration for my photography and thoughts.

Some of my best memories at the camp are connected with the chats around the fire, the warm showers under the stars, the simple and delicious food shared with friends and researchers at dinner, the cozy lantern lit tentsin the cool nights, the ever changing sounds of frogs and crickets that embrace you as you fall asleep while the Masai are singing in one of the nearby villages.

I would recommend a visit to Mkuru to anyone wishing to have a truly African experience at a budget cost. This is not a sophisticated lodge, it is a place that immediately makes you feel at home.

September 2012, Giampiero Gandolfo