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Camilla Testori

I’ve been at ME-TC, to support the development of the Maasai Women Art project (link), during the fall of 2006, when the project was at the very initial stage…this humanitarian experience has been one of the best experiences of my life! 
A truthful, intense and all rounded experience!   

With my best friend Vera Colombo we stayed at the camp, right next to Arusha, in Tanzania, for 6 weeks. There we had the opportunity to re-interpret and re-design original Maasai jewels with an Italian style; then we taught our new designs to Maasai women. It has been really interesting to live and work in close contact with Maasai women.

Despite the many cultural differences, we were all doing our best to work together and reach a common goal.
At the end of our stay we organized a photo shooting with the best models we produced: what a great and fun day!

Maasai women were very proud of their work!

Today I’m surprised and very happy every time I see one of those jewels in a shop in Milan: it seems almost a miracle!!

September 19, Camilla Testori